Properties in high prime areas are often protected by automated gates for security purposes. They are highly popular among various niches in the market.

Electric gates are preferred more by big businessmen or those with properties valuing more than a million dollars. A typical electric gate can be controlled with the help of a remote control, fingerprint or a special keypad. Fundamentally, there are three types of electric gates that are available: 

Swing type
These gates are heavy and thus they are operated for their movements with the help of a powerful motor. Once the motor is activated with the help of a switch or a button, it releases a lot of energy enough to push or pull the gate. In order to protect from trespassing, thefts and dreaded weather conditions, these gates are typically made of wrought iron which increases their weight considerably. Also, to install such gates the driveway must be big enough to provide space, even when the gates are open.

  • Folding type
    To provide a more compact solution to the swing type gates, the folding types are employed where the driveway size is not too big. It consists of sheets of metals hinged together so as to enable an expansion or a contraction action when it is activated. Once the vehicle has entered, the sheets expand to form the protective barrier and even this is operated with the help of electricity. These gates, as a result, occupy lesser space in the opening and closure than the swing type. Also, to reduce the weight further aluminum is preferred for its fabrication.
    • Sliding type
      Unlike the other two, they do not swing open or close. Instead, they are fitted with small wheels on their underside which can be operated by a pulley and chain system. The gates are attached strongly to a platform and the wheels sit on a metal groove. In some places, these gates are also controlled by remote control and motors instead of hand pulling the pulley. They are more preferred for houses with extremely small driveways and generally are comprised of wood and aluminum. Electric gates are extremely useful to protect the security and convenience to largely valuable properties. Also, they are being increasingly used even by smaller houses due to their ease
      of availability and lesser price. Modern gates come with automatic gate openers which are basically a set of motion sensors that recognize the vehicles as they land up on the driveway. They can be built to fit the sizes of any driveway and it is extremely difficult to trespass them unless the code is known or the remote is acquired.

In any given house in the world, there is a pretty good chance of a serious accident breaking out within in and most of the time accidents that take place in residential houses are bound to be a bit more serious than other types of accidents. Fires are a common hazard in most houses and it is a very easy thing for a fire to break out in one room and lead the whole house to be destroyed. It is an extremely fatal thing for a fire to spread in a house because most houses have around 3 or more people living in it which means the rate of people dying is going to be higher. There are a whole lot of ways to prevent a fire from breaking out in a house such as by setting proper fire alarms or just checking up on fire hazards and sources, but as we are not perfect sometimes it is easy to miss an obvious factor that might start a fire. One of the best ways to prevent a house being engulfed by a fire is to install fire resistance doors in your house!

Prevents spreading

When a fire starts out in one room in the house, it takes no time at all for it to quickly spread to another room and soon spread around the entire house burning it all down. When you have fire doors installed in your house, as it is fire resistance and immune to fire it cannot spread past the door which means your house fire is going to be limited to just one part of the house.

Prevents smoke escaping

One of the main reasons for someone to die when there is a fire is not being engulfed by it but inhaling a lot of toxic smoke, which is extremely fatal. As long as your fire resistance doors are working fine and a fire door replacement Brisbane is done from time to time to make sure everything is in place, smoke is not going to be able to spread from one room to another part of the house which is going to ensure the safety of the people in the house at the time.

Serves as a normal door

One of the biggest advantages of having a fire resistance door is that it can be used as a normal everyday door in any room of the house. This means you do not have to reserve special places for a fire resistance door to be installed and sometimes it can be a fire exit door as well.