Living in a house where you have access to all the available facilities always give a sense of satisfaction. When the house has all the facilities including kitchenware, the wiring, placements of all the gadgets, facilities for kids and also facilities for the elder ones make you happy and you feel like you have done something in the life. Constructing a house in not a plate of cake that at one moment you have decided and other moment you have all the imagined facilities in front of your eyes. But, it needs a time and consistent research as to how these things has to be done. You also need expert advices of home builders in Gold coast before taking any decisions. 

Burleigh construction is not a new name in the construction business. David and Necole Brazenal are the founder of this business. We have an experience of construction business of over 20 years and its been 10 years that we have started our own family business. We have a team of experienced and trained architects who facilitate the valuable customers at any time. 

The idea of starting up our own business is that we wanted to deliver the best quality to the house. We have a vision of turning the dreams of customers into a reality with an elegance touch of our own thoughts and creativity. 


Following are the services which we are providing to the customers. 

  • Custom Home Builders: 
    We allow you to visit us and share your ideas with us. We value your ideas and would add or deduct the features which does not fit in the house. We also encourage your ideas for making an additional thing to your place or room or kitchen. We are specialized in custom builders and find a way for you to make your dream thing and house followed by quality. 
  • Renovation: 
    We do not only build and construct the house but also, we give you an opportunity to choose us for renovation. We revamp your house from scratch and just turn into a whole new place. After completion the work, you would see a prominent change in the house. You will feel you have entered in a new house. We do not only paint and fix the equipment that has got some issues but also re-design the house as per the requirements. 
  • A complete roadmap: 
    We give a complete roadmap regarding the time, budget, cost of the raw material, project time etc. In fact, we tell you each and everything which is related to your project and cannot change a single thing without your consent. Whenever, we get a green signal for anything wo proceed to the work done as soon as possible. 

We give you a high-class quality so that you enjoy sitting at your place. For more information, please log on to