If your home is fairly old and you have not had any work done on it in the recent past, you should seriously consider investing some money in getting your home professionally checked and renovated. Any house, with time, will degrade with time and as a home owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your home is always in good condition because avoiding this would mean you are putting yourself in danger. 

Improving your home

The first thing that you will have to do is to get a professional structural engineer to come in and check your home thoroughly for any weaknesses in structure. You might think that your home is doing fine but many of these weaknesses are often invisible to the naked eye and unless you know exactly where to look, you are sure to miss them. A professional structural engineer, due to his education and his experience will know exactly where he needs to look as he will analyze your structure and look in its weakest point which is likely where the cracks or weaknesses will be. This is what you will need to bring in renovation builders to fix any problems that your structural engineer has found. You will find that many of these problems will relate to tiny hair line cracks on your walls and on your floor which are next to impossible and if they indeed are visible and easily noticeable, it would mean that they are already at a latter and dangerous stage.

You can also use the opportunity to add an extra room or to extend your home if you need to as the same house builder will be able to do this work as well while he is fixing the problems with your home. Having it all done in one go can help you to save money on the overall project as well.
By investing money in having an extra room built, you can earn some extra money by giving the extra room out on rent. In fact, this is a brilliant way to have a steady income over a long period of time without you having to invest any extra effort in to earning the money. Many people today are choosing to do this even at the cost of members of the family choosing to share a room in order to make a room free because of the difficulty most people have financially and the fact that this is a great way to earn some extra money.