It is a known fact that mosquitoes can be a menace however, very few people are truly aware of the havoc and danger that mosquitoes can cause. Although they may be a nuisance, their potential to cause illness and often death is very high. The only way we can prevent this from happening to ourselves and to our families is by creating a safe zone around us where mosquitoes have no chance to breed. We can do this ourselves in our own homes but also create awareness among our families, our children and even our neighborhood and our communities to take similar steps so as to increase the radius of the safe zone we have created.

Things you can do in your own home

Make it a point to get together with your whole family at least once a week to clean up your home and your garden of any plastic or glass containers that have collected in your home throughout the last few weeks. It is very important that you get your children involved in this task so as to educate them on the dangers of mosquito breeding and about the dengue fever epidemic. You will need to get a proper gumleaf gutter guard for your rain water gutters as gutters are a very common place for mosquitoes to breed. You may even make your own gutter guard by following a few do it yourself steps off the internet.

Most people do follow the routine steps of getting their homes clean by getting rid of plastic containers and glass containers; however they fail to look beyond the obvious. Most people fail to realize that their gutters are a place of breeding without a gutter protection and that dirt heaps pilled with old dried leaves can also collect water. Potted plants are another place where mosquitoes tend to breed as we rarely ever realize that water has started to collect in our pots after a hard shower of rain. Visit this link for more information about gutter protection systems.

One important fact that you need to remember is that clearing your home of all the leaves and plastic containers lying around is not going to make you safe from contracting a dangerous disease such as dengue fever or malaria fever. The fact is that no matter how clean your own home and garden is, if someone else has a dirty garden close by to your home, you are still very much at risk of contracting the disease. Therefore awareness is key.