As much fun as it is having a big house and a big family, cleaning and maintain the place spotless becomes one of the worst chores that of has to get through. It makes you want to reconsider moving to a hut or cabin with very little space! However the trick is knowing when to clean, where to clean and how to clean. If you figured that out then this isn’t much of a challenge at all! Here are a few tips to help you out;

If it’s not dirty don’t clean

Before you purchase a place you obviously would have gone through a number of building report in Nelson Bay to check on the overall condition and placement area of the house. And if you did come across damages you may have replaced and renovated them before you moved in. What is important to be noted here is that, you only made sure you replaced things if they were damaged. Although cleaning the place doesn’t apply to such a scale, the overall logic is still the same. If you find rubbish and damage then you clean, and if don’t then you leave it, it as simple as that! Cleaning unnecessarily only takes up more time and energy. And end of the day, you might not even get to clean whatever that is necessary!

Dividing the work and days

You might think it is smart to set up a whole day to clean the entire place. But what is important to realize here is that, it shall add up to overall exhaustion and lose productivity towards the end of the day. And you may not even be able to finish it all up in one whole day. So divide the work among weekdays or weekends and get the entire family involved. Separate a day to clean the rooms, a day for the attic, a day for the basement and maybe even a day to hire the professional building and pest inspection. After all it is better safe than sorry, especially when you could detect hidden ant holes and termite nests!

Don’t use, don’t need

Get rid of all the unwanted garbage that keeps collecting dust in corners, like that century old stack of newspapers or your dad’s ratty and dusty old couch! It shall obviously help clean and make up for a lot of missing space. This is also one the most notable step followed in the Japanese 5S system. Thus proving it to be very effective as well. Follow these tips and have fun cleaning!